This curse aims at introducing the privacy issues associated with the use of digital technologies and to present the techniques and tools for the protection of personal data.

In particular :

  • The characterization of the notion of privacy and its different modes of protection (including law and technology)
  • The concept of personal data
  • Risks of invasion of privacy and their evaluation
  • Tracing in communication networks
  • Identification and inference of information about people
  • The tools of protection of the private life
  • The anonymisation techniques
  • The security and privacy of ML

Acquired skills

  • Understand privacy issues, associated risks and their impacts
  • Perform a critical analysis of a system from the point of view of the protection of personal data
  • Integrate privacy protection solutions into products


  • Privacy risk assessment and their impact on individuals (real examples and systematic approach to risk analysis)(Course)
  • Privacy-preserving tools privacy by design (Course)
  • Tool for strengthening control over personal data (Course)
  • Inference attacks and mobility trace protection (Project)
  • Wireless Communications and Privacy (TP)
  • Data anonymisation challenge (Project)
  • Security and Privacy in ML (Project)
  • Cyber-security crisis management exercise (Project)